Meet Adébissi,

A young Travel and brunch Addict.

She has a background in Finance and Banking. She has always been passionate about travel, it is in her, in her family’s blood and history.

She belongs to the Yoruba tribe from Benin and Nigeria. Adébissi means the crown has multiplied, a new heir was born!

She was born in Benin and raised in Europe.

She values authenticity, loyalty, and friendship!
Her love language is quality time!
Her passion for travel led her to want to bond more with her origin country!
This is how and why ADUKE AFRICA was born.

From the will to help the African millennials with African-born parents, living in western countries, like her to be able to experience what she experienced on her own bonding journey with her country of origin.  Tourism is a great connection tool but also a great way to impact the African continent’s economy positively.

You may ask yourself these questions:
How to connect and deepen your bond with your African country of origin?

How to put more African countries on top of your travel bucket list?

How to tackle your doubts and fears and take the leap to travel to Africa?

How to find more intels to help you plan and organise your dream trip?

ADUKE AFRICA is the travel and culture brand that will bring you answers to those questions. 

Indeed the founder Adébissi has been in your shoes and she understands where you are coming from, and what is at stake in that journey. Her journey in few milestones:

                    • Born in Benin and left at 7 years old for England then France in 2000.
                    • 2013-Family orientated trip after 13 years out of Benin
                    • 2018 -A 10 days solo trip focus on Cotonou only, to overcome my doubts
                    • 2021- A 1 month Road trip south and central Benin. Making Benin my second home with confidence.
                    • 2022 – 6 months spent in Benin mostly, but visited Ghana and Nigeria! We became the plug in Benin.

“A person without the knowledge of their past origin and culture is like a tree with no roots”

 Knowing about your roots, culture, traditions, and heritage will bring you a fulfilled vision of who you are and help you be more confident about how you carry yourself in this world.

As individuals, our cultural heritage plays a huge role in our development. 

As a Brand, we value :




Welcome to our journey of curating everlasting memories and connections to your African country of origin through the lens of Benin!


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