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Let’s chat about the fact that your girl went for a month’s vacation and end up spending 4 months in Benin!

I left Paris on the 27th of december 2021 for a week in Accra and 3 weeks in Bénin.

After having too much fun in Acrra and a North of Benin roadtrip; , I felt like not going back to Paris near the 10 of January, l felt like a calling to stay put, the stars were aligned for me to stay home. I talk a lot about going home for good one day, living in West Africa, but do I really know what it’s like living there?

So, I challenge myself to live and launch Aduke Africa’s 1st product while on the field. My south and centraI Benin Travel Itinerary! Ialso wanted to have a taste of what is it like to search for a job in west-africa!

I just extended my ticket for 3 months at once! I was like girl, let’s take the leap fully!

Getting out of your comfort zone will humble you and you will learn a lot from it! So that is what I did!

So where did I stay? 

With family and relatives, but my mostly at my own house!

My dad has his own home there. So, mine also lol! You get me!

What about your job in Paris?

I was in between contracts! Nothing was waiting for me in Paris really. So, I took a break. Winter in Paris did not sound good for me and my mental health. I am a Sunflower; I need the sun lol!

What did you do over there? Were you not bored? 

Focus on networking in the tourism economic sector and I build and tested a partnership with a local agency! Then I also search for a job and network in finance. I have learned so much from this experience. I was able to re-visit my favorite spots in Benin and bond deeper with my family and my Yoruba culture! I met so many amazing souls that fed great input into me!  I am just grateful that I dared to follow my instinct and do what was right for my mental health and my well-being. This flex is a luxury for me! I was able to figure things out for the future I wanted for myself.

I can now confirm that I will move for good in a few years to west Africa. And I even find my soulmate as a bonus! But that is another story to be told, one day… I al still a little private about this part of my life.

Did you stay only in Benin?

My headquarters were in Bénin, but I spent a week in Accra and a Week in Lagos.

I have experienced different environments and I know now where I feel the most comfortable living in west Africa. It was my first time in Accra. And my experience during the Afro-Chella and New Year’s Eve was unique and mind-blowing. Check out my article on this experience.

What was your daily routine?

I start the morning with exercises! Then I work on my business Aduke Africa. I am a solo entrepreneur. I might have a networking lunch and dinner also in the day. Then I try to catch the sunset at the beach, at my favorite restaurant, while seeping frech coconut water or a nice cocktail! I was living my best life for sure, you can tell. Then on the weekend, I plan a getaway, or I enjoy great parties! Accra turned me a bit into a party girl!

Benin is a calm and easy country to navigate into. Nothing crazy happens, but if you want a calm and mind-blowing landscape, and to stay in touch with culture. Benin got you to mate!

Lessons that I have learned:

I recommend this kind of experience for sure. During the pandemic, I saw so many of my fellow travel addicts from the diaspora doing so and living their best life. I envy them so much, but I was scared to put a stop to my career and not feet in the society’s common rules. The amazing crew that I have met in Accra comforted me that doing so was not crazy, it will benefit me on so many levels. I had the gut feeling that at this season of my life I cannot run from my inner calling. I need to pursue it and know what all this is about!

Did I find all the answers I was looking for? Not, but most of my doubts were arrested on living in on the continent. Now I know more about the daily challenges I will have to face regarding living in west Africa. I am so proud of myself; I acted and dare to live my African dream to its fullest for a few months! I was part of something bigger than me.

So, follow your gut Africa lovers, it knows what it is best for your soul!


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